Seven Strategies to Prevent Your Cat From Killing Birds

  1. Trim all over-hanging vegetation around feeders so the cats would have nowhere to hide and be in plain view of birds.
  2. Keep the porch clear of all birdseed scattered from the feeder.
  3. Moved the feeders up and away from areas where cats hangout.
  4. Put a tray directly beneath the feeder so seeds don’t collect on the ground. That’s where most birds are caught.
  5. Keep cats indoors during dawn and dusk- It turns out birds have a hard time seeing during these times making them very vulnerable to predation.
  6. Purchase a Birdsbesafe collars, a Catbib or make one. There are plans online. Apparently, songbirds can see bright colors and these bright, ruffly collars alerts birds to a cat’s presence.
  7. Buy or build a “catio” an outlide enclosure that’s designed for cats to have an outdoor but safely contained experience. You can build one or purchase one ready made.



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Alanna Pass is a mixed media artist & retired science teacher. She blogs at and from her home in rural Oregon.